What about CREATIONship instead of RELATIONship?

Updated: Sep 29, 2021

I am laying in my bed in Santo Spirito, Puglia.

It’s about 10 am, but I and my travel buddy and my best friend (for now) still are lazy to even move.

This morning during breakfast we were having an interesting conversation about RELATIONships.

What came up was:

“Am I truly desire a relationship or I am just good by myself or what else is possible here?”

How many point of view do we have around relationships? A bunch...

I was wondering what relationship really means, and I found a definition, it says:

“The relationship means the distance between two objects.”

When you look at most relationships, that is exactly what occurs.

So, how do we change it?

What if we actually start to CREATE the relationship that we are in instead of destroying it by BEING in a relationship?

What would this one thing change in our relation•ships?

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