Are you hiding too?

Yesterday, I finally made a choice to go and get my Bars ® run.

It's been so long that I didn't go and pay for a session, just having Bars ® swaps with friends, even though I know for me personally it does create so much more change to have a session that I pay for.

So, I went on this session yesterday to my dear friend, Musti, and I'm still empty, amazed, happy and different... I have no words for it...

Are you hiding too?

What has just happened?

I showed up at her place, and jumped on the massage table.

For so long this was a first time I finally could just BE, and my body was touched.

I also was allowed by her to do whatever I want to do. Talking or sleeping, breathing deeply, laughing and crying...

While she was touching my Bars ® points I was telling her about my recent relationship and my senses about my career and my new job.

She just asked me this question: "What would it take to expand yourself right now and cutting off all the connections (visible and not visible) to them that you are holding into and they are not allow you to go and create the future you want?" - It has completely blown my mind away!

So many thoughts and feelings came up. My body was shaking, it was hot and cold at the same time.

During the whole session, I was releasing so many thoughts, feelings, emotions that I wasn't even willing to look at them. I was hiding them, and they made me kind of happy. Isn't is crazy? Whaaaat? Am I crazy? Is this how I do limit myself? Is this how I mislead myself?

So, finally I let the process to take me wherever and let go as much limitations, beliefs and lies I could in an hour...

Pictures showed up in my mind, I saw the parts of my life where I was hiding and lying to myself. I was breathing so deeply, I released so much.

The end of the session I couldn't even get up, I was just laying and crying. She was stroking my back. It felt so nurturing.

I again got the sense of what the Access Bars ® can create and change in my life! I am so grateful!

From now, I am willing to see my career from a different view point. I am willing to acknowledge that what I am and we all practitioners and facilitators are doing is wonderful and we give so much to the people who choose us to be their Facilitators on their journey.

I am infinitely grateful for my dear friend, Musti. Thank you for being such an inspiration!

Have you had your Bars ® run? It might change your life!

Warmly, Nikolett

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